Idera, Inc. Acquires Hexawise, Inc.

Idera Adds Leading Software Test Design Tool to DevOps and Testing Tools Business

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA – May 3, 2022 – Idera, Inc. (“Idera”), parent company of global B2B software productivity brands, today announced the acquisition of Hexawise, Inc. (“Hexawise”), a market-leading software test design tool that helps teams achieve the optimal testing mix for their business needs. Hexawise will join Idera’s DevOps/Testing Tools business unit, which includes TestRail, Xray, Xporter, TravisCI, Assembla, Kiuwan, PreEmptive, and Ranorex.

Hexawise provides best-in-class test case design software that allows for customized use cases and applications. Hexawise thoughtfully suggests and builds different combinations of testing conditions that allow customers to identify inefficiencies, mitigate risk, and determine the optimal testing mix for their business needs. The platform uses applied statistics-based optimization methods to deliver measurable results to users. Hexawise integrates and transitions effortlessly into a broad range of test automation tools in various environments.

“Hexawise’s cutting edge test case design tools help software development teams find the most efficient mix of test coverage and efficiency,” said Tyler Parramore, General Manager of Idera’s DevOps and Testing Tools Business Unit. “We are excited to expand Hexawise’s reach and add more value to Xray, TestRail, and Ranorex customers.”

"Today's operating environment sends businesses on a continuous chase of upgrades for operational efficiencies within their platforms,” said Justin Hunter, Co-Founder and CEO of Hexawise. “We aim to serve that need by providing project managers and developers with not only the best tool for all types of testing strategies but also the fastest, most comprehensive results. We are confident that Idera’s attentiveness and expertise in this business segment will provide our customers the premier service they expect.”

Hexawise’s extensive client list includes top consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies across the insurance, banking, capital markets, travel, and healthcare industries. Hexawise offers a new vantage point on Idera's product portfolio and nicely complements the existing reach of Idera’s DevOps and Testing Tool brands.

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About Idera, Inc.

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About Hexawise

Hexawise is a uniquely powerful software test design tool that enables teams to test systems not just faster, but smarter as well. Hexawise provides best-in-class test design capabilities so more defects are found faster using fewer, algorithmically-generated software tests. Test scenarios designed using Hexawise are systematically more varied and objectively more thorough than manually selected sets of tests. Hexawise enables teams to clearly understand and visualize the testing coverage achieved by their thorough and efficient test scenarios. Teams using Hexawise can make informed decisions about the ‘right’ amount of testing regardless of whether their testing goals are to maximize speed to market improvements, maximize testing thoroughness, or obtain a balanced mix of both benefits.

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