Idera, Inc. Acquires Filestack, Inc.

Idera Adding Powerful File Upload, Transformation, and Delivery API Platform to Developer Tools Business

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA – January 4, 2022 – Idera, Inc. (“Idera”), parent company of global B2B software productivity brands, today announced the acquisition of Filestack, Inc. (“Filestack”), a market-leading file upload and management service for developers. Filestack will join Idera’s Developer Tools business unit, which includes apilayer, Embarcadero, Froala, FusionCharts, LANSA, Sencha, UltraEdit, and Whole Tomato.

Filestack’s powerful APIs enable developers to process content at scale and provide an off-the-shelf tech stack for uploading, transforming, understanding, and delivering content within applications and interfaces. Filestack’s low-code platform enables developers to build automated content processing and analysis tools that dramatically accelerate the development lifecycle.

The company’s infrastructure powers billions of file uploads, transformations, and downloads every month for customers in a wide variety of industries, including ed-tech, e-commerce, crowdsourcing, and printing. Filestack’s focus on ease of use, reliability, and security make it the preferred file upload partner for developers everywhere and a strong addition to Idera’s Developer Tools business unit.

“It is no secret that content is the backbone of all applications. Filestack makes the content management process simple and developer friendly,” said Kegan Blumenthal, General Manager of Idera’s JavaScript Brands segment. “Filestack equips developers with a quick and robust API to enable all types of content upload management in their applications. Filestack complements our portfolio, and I am confident our growing community of developers will embrace its simplicity and power.”

"Filestack is a powerful tool for companies looking to manage content at scale,” said Sameer Kamat, Filestack’s CEO. “With our expertise in visual content and machine learning, we advanced the platform tremendously and welcome Idera’s commitment to further fueling innovation. Our customers will benefit from Idera’s accelerated development process and complementary Developer Tools products.”

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