List of Subprocessors

  • DialPad - We use Dialpad to handle incoming sales conversations and customer support.
  • Zapier - We use Zapier to automate certain process with our applications.
  • Zendesk - FreshDesk - We use Zendesk and FreshDesk to handle customer tickets and support.
  • Filestack - a. We use Filestack to upload attachments to tickets in our app.
  • Google Cloud - We use Google’s services for marketing and tracking purposes.
  • Amazon Web Services - Microsoft Azure - We use AWS or Microsoft Azure as our infrastructure provider.
  • Chargify - a. We use Chargify to manage subscriptions and payments.
  • Hubspot - a. We use Hubspot as our CRM for sales and marketing activities.
  • Braintree - a. We use Braintree as our payment gateway.
  • Intercomm - a. We use Intercom on our website and app to help users and customers with support.
  • MailJet - a. We use MailJet to send emails from our appAzure Cloud -
  • Stripe - a, We use Stripe as our payment gateway.
  • Fastspring - a. We use Fastspring to manage subscriptions and payments for smaller customers.
  • YouTrack - a. We use Hubspot as our CRM for Sales and Marketing activities.