List of Subprocessors

  • Eloqua – This is LANSA’s Marketing Automation Platform. Your personal data is maintained in Eloqua. The backbone of this page is Eloqua. Any actions you take with your personal data are driven via Eloqua.
  • Salesforce – This is LANSA’s CRM. Your personal data is maintained in Salesforce. Any actions you take with your personal data, if required, are duplicated in Salesforce (update, delete, etc.)
  • Zoom – This is LANSA’s webinar platform. The data you supply at the time of webinar registration stored in Zoom (Name, email, and mobile phone, etc.). Data is automatically purged from Zoom every 90 Days.
  • LANSA’s Proprietary Customer Support System – Your personal data is stored in our Customer Support System if you are a Customer or have opted to take part in the free VL Trial. Any request for removal of personal data from this system will done manually.
  • Gmail - This is LANSA’s Email Tool. 1-on-1 correspondence sent via outlook will not be deleted. All message history will be maintained
  • Wordpress – This is LANSA’s Website and Landing Page Builder. If the visitor agrees, cookies are placed on visitor computers when visiting websites and landing pages. The visitor can delete these cookies anytime from their browser.
  • Google Analytics – This is LANSA’s Website Analytics Tool. All data collected and stored within analytics is anonymous. There is no personally identifiable information.